Backpackers Travel Insurance

Travelling on a shoestring frequently means that Backpackers increase their risk of  accident and injury when holidaying / travelling far afield.


When you are on the road to ensure that you stay safe it is essential that you really must buy a backpacker travel insurance policy before setting out on your travels.


Backpacker policies designed to meet your particular needs offer a good level of cover for lengths of travel that exceed the usual holiday travel. You can purchase a backpacker policy for anything from one week to two years and although its a backpacker policy that doesn’t mean you have to rough it.

Whether you’re trailing through Vietnam or diving in Egypt that sense of adventure is often what puts you at greater risk than a normal holiday.

Exploring off the usual tourist travel haunts  means you are way more likely to suffer sickness or crime.  You may be travelling o overnight or sleeping in dorm rooms and this is the very scenario when you will feel safer knowing you have adequate cost effective backpacker travel insurance.

Unlike most insurance policies the backpacker policy a cheaper alternative to a single trip travel insurance policy.



Backpacker Insurance and Cheap Travel Insurance at Downunder

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Backpackers Travel Insurance UK and Backpacking Adventure Holiday

Going on a backpacking adventure holiday and require backpackers travel insurance Insure and Go can provide cover for short trips and over a year