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Well here’s a few hints about Butlins prices.  Did you think most of it was free?.  You might want to have a look at Butlins Cheap Deals too.  If all you want is a prices then you may not be interested in which case go look at Butlins prices.


I came to Butlins a lot as a child – we never had much money.  The prices were excellent and pretty much everything was free.  The few bits that weren’t had prices we could live with or ignore.


But now?  Butlins what are you doing? Prices are horrendous and they are in your face everywhere.  Butlins get your act together.  Your prices may seem cheap at first glance but it’s VERY pricey as it starts to add up.


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Good Price?  If you have 3 kids that’s almost £100 per day to eat at the Yatch Club!  Not my idea of good prices and certainly not what I expected from Butlins. Don’t eat at Ocean Drive.  We had our half board meals there – it’s hectic dark gloomy dirty and I could go on.  See Butlins Reviews.


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Prices at Papa Johns as horrendous.  Not something to do often – it costs a small fortune to feed a family of 5.


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More over the top pricing at yet another uninviting dining room.


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Family friendly pricing?  Good Value? Not in my book.  And don’t get me going on the disabled pricing policy.  They put you as far away from the facilities as it is possible to get then charge £70 a week for a scooter?  Is that a fair price?


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Prices for fun activities soon add up too.  The costs are prohibitive – not good value for money.


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At £4 each for a few minutes one parent was moaning his son had spent over £200 on the Go Karts in a week!


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Now you would be forgiven for thinking it costs nothing to use the computers.  Wrong again – it’s £3 an hour.

Butlins prices 11


Butlins prices 12

How much does this cost?  £1?  Really think you’ll get them off it after one go each?


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At least we got a good photo.  It cost nothing which is more than we can say for anything photos they take which cost £5.


So to sum up do I think Butlins Prices are good?  Never in a million years.  When you take into account the filth and squalor and the poor service and dining facilities it was never a good price to begin with.  When you get home and add up the total cost my bet is you’ll wish you’d gone all-inclusive to Spain.  It would have cost less.


Butlins get your act together.  Your prices are lousy and not good value for money.


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