Diving in Tenerife

 Dving in Sharks Bay

Scuba diving is not just a fun way to stay fit, but it provides the sights and experiences that are simply unique. Perhaps the widespread availability of equipment and certified instructors in Tenerife induce more people to explore.  Scuba diving is not only a popular activity worldwide, but an experience that will be etched in your heart forever.

Diving in Tenerife is fun, and we all like to see turtles, sharks, coral, fish, invertebrates, crabs, molluscs, shellfish, eels, sting rays, manta rays, and shrimp. It’s easy to take video and pictures of the reefs, reef, fish, fish, invest, invertebrates, lobsters, octopus, octopuses, octopi, and coral.

Diving Services Tenerife is highly recommended.  Tenerife Diving is often from Los Cristianos so one party can shop or have a beer while the other  discovers the diversity of the amazing underwater world. Tenerife is a very safe place for diving is safe and very cheap compared to other excursions offered on the island.


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Thompson Holidays Tenerife

Thomson Holidays Tenerife

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Tenerife is probably one of the last European paradise isles. “Fascinating” is the word for this island. It offers lush forests, exotic fauna and flora, deserts, mountains, volcanos, sometimes snow, incredibly beautiful coastlines and spectacular beaches.

Holidays in Tenerife certainly pack a punch when it comes to sun-drenched beach breaks. One thing’s for sure, you’ll return from your Tenerife holiday with a tan that even the most discerning sun-seeker would be proud of. Away from the beach, holidays in Tenerife take a turn towards the more traditional. And the lunar-like landscape is peppered with banana plantations, whitewashed villages and shuttered colonial buildings.

Tenerife is the largest (2034sq km) and highest (3718m) in the archipelago of the Canary Islands, with an estimated population of 655,656. The Canary Islands are split into 2 Spanish provinces; The Westerly Islands of Tenerife, La Palma, Gomera and Hierro from the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (chief town Santa Cruz) while the Eastern Islands of Gran Canaria, FuerteVentura and Lanzarote from the province of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Tenerife’s central mountain, Mt. Teide, stands at 12,200 feet, and is the highest in Spain.





































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Holiday Review – Villa Tagora Tenerife

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Reviews of Hotel Villa Tagora


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Reviews of Hotel Villa Tagora

Review about Hotel Villa Tagora


Opinion submitted in June 2006 by : Craig, Matt, Luke & Adam (18,21,19,20)

Resort Rating: Very Good

Accommodation Rating: Good

My/Our Holiday Opinion: 

After reading a few of the reviews on this site before going we had mixed feelings…. these were soon forgotten by lovely, friendly reception staff – they never stopped smiling which is always very nice to see & very talkative in almost perfect english. We arrived at our room which was very spacious with a balcony etc It was very clean and the maintanance of the room was also good. The Hotel as a whole was very good, a massive pool, lots of sun lounges etc The entertainment staff were very good and could tell they enjoyed what they were doing.

The only problem we had was with the food!! It was boring, repetitive and generally not very good… we survived on just chips, rice, bread & Pasta all week.(and the Netto just up the road!!!) The breakfasts were ok but still not much variety. On the restaurtant score it was very spacious and clean but we found the waiting staff to be very rude & ignorant and even had an argument one evening. This however is the only downside to this good hotel… i would recommend this hotel to anyone (Adults, Families, Couples etc). Also just to add, the Thomas Cook reps were very friendly & helped at every opportunity.

Overall an enjoyable holiday!!


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