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We can recommend Flight-Line for all your cheap flights to popular destination. Here at DGC Travel we take a great many flights throughout the year and Flight-Line is one of the cheapest. But what is more important is the service that you get.Earlier this year, I booked direct with XL Airways to save a couple of pounds. We were in Sharm when the company went bust and I also lost my flights with my sister for the following month. Suddenly my cheap flights weren’t so cheap any more.You can be sure with Flight-Line that you are fully bonded and there is no way they will leave you stranded as I found with XL. We were lucky – I had in fact booked my very cheap accommodation with Flight-Line so at least we didn’t have to worry about that. They also helped me book more accommodation and flights home.I was also pleasantly surprised when I simply ‘changed my mind’ about a booking and all it cost me was a £10 administration fee.Why not give them a try for excellent service and some very cheap flights.Book Cheap Flights



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