Cheap Inclusive Holidays

What is it doing to the holiday market?

Are local economies suffering?

Read our report from the  Sandos Playacar Resort Mexico

When we began going on holiday, we couldn’t afford much.  We went self catering or bed and breakfast for our holidays and we got out and about a great deal.  Nowadays we can afford more but often find ourselves booking an all inclusive holiday because it represents excellent value for money.

We also like to go for last minute holidays and during the ‘quiet times’ but lately we’ve noticed a disturbing trend with these Cheap Inclusive Holidays.

There is much truth in the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ and spending that little bit more is often well worth it to avoid drunken noisy holidaymakers some of whom seem to think that in order to get their monies worth they have to start drinking straight after breakfast!

Don’t get me wrong – I understand that many people work hard and a cheap inclusive holiday gives them chance to unwind without worrying about what they are spending.  It’s just not much fun for those of us that want a bit of quiet and some 1st class service.

It’s very tempting once you’ve paid for an inclusive holiday, to stay on the resort.  The holiday becomes sun, food and drink.  I was about to say sea and sand but many don’t even get that far.

The down side of this is that the local economy suffers and the hotel trade is now being pushed into cutting prices to the bone to keep the hotel full.  Tips to waiters are often few and far between as people go for ‘cheap inclusive holidays’, thus staff wages which by our standards are low, are no longer supplemented by tips to the extent they once were.

Add to this the sort of disasters we have seen recently like hurricanes in Mexico and Sri Lanka, kidnappings in Egypt, and the collapse of airline companies in the UK, it’s a wonder many hotels can survive.

Over the coming months DGC Travel will see if we can get the views of hotel management when we travel.  Watch this spot to see what management and staff have to say about the way cheap inclusive holidays are affecting the holiday trade.