Egypt In August

Egypt Weather

The weather in Egypt in August can vary like the UK but is normally the hottest month along with July. Most adventure travellers avoid Egypt at this time of year due to them moving around all the time, but because of the 0% humidity, as long as you stay out of the midday sun, and you do like it very hot…you will have no problem with the weather here when staying in Egypt . As there is no humidity in Egypt the temperature in the shade is not too bad. The only problem with this month is if you do get a heat wave like we did in 2007 all over Europe (
except the UK where it poured down) it can get very hot and uncomfortable. You have been warned! It is, normally in the low thirties and pleasant in the shade and early morning and evenings in the sunshine.

A trip to Egypt will never disappoint in any month of the year but Egypt In August has a great deal to offer. So what are you waiting for? Start looking for your next holiday now and maybe you will spending your next holiday in Egypt In August!