Family Camping Trip

5 Unusual Locations for a Family Camping Trip

The spirit of camping is one of adventure and discovery. Setting out into the great unknown and exploring new landscapes.

However, when you have a family to consider, it’s easy to get stuck going to the same sites you know and love year after year.

Although this can still make for great family holidays, why not use your camping trip to open up your horizons and visit some truly unique locations?

Here are our picks of the best unusual locations around.

1. The Sahara The Sahara Desert in Morocco has got to be the number one location for unusual family camping trips.

Most campsites in the desert are easily reachable within a few hours from Marrakesh, but once you arrive you’ll feel a million miles away from anywhere on earth.

The mysterious, majestic landscape will capture your children’s imagination from the moment you set off, and camping with nomadic desert peoples will capture yours forever.

Most trips are organized for you and last between two and four nights. During this time you’ll sleep under the stars, listen to ancient stories, ride camels and experience the unique surroundings of the desert.

All food and drink is usually provided, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your camp stove or a tin of beans for the family.

2. Northern Norway If the Sahara Desert sounds a little hot for you, how about the far north of Norway?

Much of the north of Norway is sparsely populated, but stunningly beautiful. Your family will be able to experience nature first hand, and really get out and explore the countryside.

The Kirkeporten campsite, located in Skarsvag, is the most northerly mainland campsite in the world. During the summer months the midnight sun shines through the night, so you can experience what it is like to live in the Artic Circle.

When the sun does set, you can often see the mystical northern lights dancing in the night sky. A once in a lifetime experience and one that your children will remember forever.

Northern Norway is a great place to see the Northern Lights

3. London London is probably not the first destination that springs to mid when you’re choosing a campsite. But there are a number of high quality sites that provide great camping as well as easy access to the capital.

To the east of London is Theydon Bois, offering family friendly camping on the edge of Epping Forest. Here you can enjoy mountain biking and horse riding in the forest, or head into London for a day of sightseeing.

One of the most central sites is in Crystal Palace. Located on the edge of a park, the campsite is on a direct bus route to Oxford Circus and also has plenty of restaurants and bars within walking distance.

Camping in London may not be your typical family outing, but it is a great chance to spend some time in one of the greatest cities in the world and enjoy a few outdoor pursuits at the same time.

4. The Isles of Scilly Most of us have heard of the Isles of Scilly, located off of the tip of Cornwall, but very few of us will have visited them.

For any family that enjoys fun and excitement, this has got to be on your list of destinations; even reaching the islands is and adventure in itself. Choose from a boat or plane to get you to one of the main islands, and from there you can explore some of the others that make up this archipelago.

On the tiny island of St Agnes, the Troyton Farm campsite is in a remote but beautiful location by a deserted beach. Here your family can play safely in rock pools or swim in the crystal clear waters of this unpolluted island.

You can easily forget that you’re in Britain as you look out over white sandy beaches and unspoiled countryside.

The Isles of Scilly are home to some of Britain’s best beaches

5. Iceland Iceland is a country that often seems shrouded in mystery. Half frozen and covered with volcanoes, hot springs and glaciers, it is a country with a unique and spectacular landscape.

Campsites can be found throughout the country and are often situated in beautiful locations on the edge of villages or the middle of the countryside.

From these sites you can set out to explore some of Iceland’s most famous attractions such as the Blue Lagoon, a geothermic spa whose waters are said to have healing properties.

You can also visit some of the many dramatic waterfalls, extinct and active volcanoes and ancient glaciers. Enough to keep even the most active family happy for a few days.

So if you’re looking for a family camping trip with a difference have a look at some of these locations. It will definitely be a change from your normal destination, and you might just discover something even better.