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Family Holiday Parks in France, Spain and Italy

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Holidays in the UK/ Learn to Swim on Holiday

How do you feel
about using holiday time to learn to swim with a UK
holiday learning to
.  We can accommodate you at the pool or arrange accommodation in
local B&B / guest house or in a hotel (with bed and breakfast).  If we know
how far you need to travel we can make suggestions for flights or train services
for those that prefer not to drive.  Car rental can also be arranged.

Familly Holidays

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DGC Travel is currently unable to offer any holidays in this area but please see our UK Holiday Index.

Swimming Safety tips

Whether at home or abroad, follow these basic tips for keeping safe:

  • Never swim alone or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and never
    dive head-first into an unfamiliar body of water.
  • Check local information for details of tides, currents and pollution.
  • Bilharzia, a parasitic infection of the bowel or bladder, may be
    contracted by contact with infested fresh water in the tropics.
  • In certain areas, fatal primary amoebic meningoencephalitis has occurred
    following swimming in warm dirty water.
  • Salt water is generally safer than fresh water for swimming in developing
    countries. However, only pools that contain properly chlorinated water can be
    considered safe from infectious diseases.
  • When swimming in the sea, check out the possible existence of jellyfish,
    sea urchins, coral, sea snakes, sharks and venomous fish. Human sewage and
    animal faeces make some beaches no-go areas for swimming or even wading.

Holidays Angus

50 ways to save on your holidays

SCHOOLS are clamping down on parents who take
their children on holiday during term time. At best, to get permission for even
one extra day off at either end of a holiday requires a degree of form filling
and letter writing that wouldn’t be out of place in a Soviet police station.
Even then, the final decision rests on the whim of the chairman of governors.

While the difference a day makes to a child’s education is unquantifiable, it
can add thousands of pounds to the price of a family holiday. But with this
option of saving money virtually outlawed, how do you stick within the rules
without breaking the bank?

Here are some examples from the article on how to save money on your holiday.
Visit “Holiday Money” to read the holiday article in full.

10. Check back later

Travel agents and internet users can reserve flights and holidays for several
days without purchasing them. So if at first you find a deal is unavailable at
the price you want to pay, you have a choice: pay the higher price or wait a few
days to see if the places become available again.

11. Sign up for special offers by email.

Any airline or travel agent worth its reputation has a service that allows you
to hear about the deals first. Choose a few of your favourites and sign up. You
could access big savings for a few minutes’ effort.

12. Go camping

The rise of the no-frills airlines has spawned a craze in ultra-low-cost
holidays. You can buy a camping kit for a family of four including tent, mats
and sleeping bags for sometimes less than £100. You book your flights to
somewhere preferably with insignificant annual rainfall and then pay a few
pounds a night to sleep under the stars. And remember: campsites abroad are
often much better equipped than those in Britain.

Holidays Angus

27. Find a low-cost insurance policy online

Your travel agent – online or High Street – will try to flog you insurance. Just
say no. Go online or talk to a broker and you’ll find single-trip European
policies for less than £10 per person. If you’re going away more than once in
the year, consider an annual policy. Just make sure you understand what you need
and read the small print. Tip: single-trip policies cover you for cancellation
as soon as you take out the policy even if your travel dates are months ahead.
This is not the case for annual policies, which start from the day you take out
the policy, not the date of your first trip.

28. Shop around for your European breakdown cover

We’ve all heard of the AA and RAC but it’s only insurance and any number of
companies offer the same type of policies for significantly less money.

29. The packed lunch trick

If you’re flying no-frills, you can pay several pounds for an in-flight sandwich
and drink or you can take your own. With some of these low-cost deals, the cost
of your food can be more expensive than the cost of your flights. There’s a
principle at stake here more than just a free lunch.

30. Take the coach

According to a This is Money survey, petrol will have to reach £10 a litre
before we start leaving our cars at home in any great numbers. Until then public
transport is always going to find it hard to compete. But coaches are pretty
luxurious these days and at the time of writing, is offering
intercity fares throughout the UK from 50p, with £1 fares available during the
Christmas holidays.

Holidays Angus

Bridge of Brewlands-Angus, Bridgend of Lintrathen-Angus (near Dundee)

Burnside of Duntrune-Angus (near Dundee)

Carse Gray-Angus (near Arbroath)

Coupar Angus-Perth and Kinross (near Perth)

Douglas and Angus-Dundee City (near Dundee)

Eassie and Nevay-Angus (near Dundee)

East Haven-Angus (near Arbroath)

Kirkton of Airlie-Angus (near Dundee)

Kirkton of Auchterhouse-Angus (near Dundee)

Kirkton of Glenisla-Angus, Kirkton of Menmuir-Angus (near Arbroath)

Kirkton of Monikie-Angus (near Arbroath)

Letham Grange-Angus (near Arbroath)

Leys of Cossans-Angus (near Dundee)

Little Brechin-Angus (near Arbroath)

Logie Pert-Angus (near Arbroath)

Mains of Balhall-Angus (near Arbroath)

Nether Careston-Angus (near Arbroath)

Nether Handwick-Angus (near Dundee)

Newmill of Inshewan-Angus (near Arbroath)

Rottal -Angus, Scurdie Ness-Angus (near Arbroath)

St Vigeans-Angus (near Arbroath)

Holidays Angus