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Family Holiday Parks in France, Spain and Italy

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Holidays in the UK/ Learn to Swim on Holiday

How do you feel
about using holiday time to learn to swim with a UK
holiday learning to
.  We can accommodate you at the pool or arrange accommodation in
local B&B / guest house or in a hotel (with bed and breakfast).  If we know
how far you need to travel we can make suggestions for flights or train services
for those that prefer not to drive.  Car rental can also be arranged.

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DGC Travel is currently unable to offer any holidays in this area but please see our UK Holiday Index.

Beach Safety : Safety Advice

Millions of people enjoy spending time at beaches around the
UK every year. Being aware of the dangers at the beach and spotting the hazards
will ensure that your visit to the beach is a happy event and does not turn into
a tragedy. When visiting the beach, especially if you have children with you,
consider the following:-

Spot the dangers

Do a check of the beach when you arrive. Notice whether there are lifeguards
available, whether the tide is in or out, are there rocks, piers, groynes or
breakwaters that may affect paddling and bathing. Is the beach busy? Are there
watersports taking place, are these in zoned areas? What are the sea conditions
like, does the beach shelve steeply?

Take safety advice

Try and choose a beach that offers a lifeguard service and swim where the patrol
operates, within the area of red/yellow flags. Look for safety information which
may include warning signs and know what the flags mean:-

Red and Yellow - Lifeguards on patrol. Two flags at the waters edge denote where the patrolled bathing area is.

Red and Yellow – Lifeguards on patrol.
Two flags at the waters edge denote where the patrolled bathing area is.

Red – Dangerous to bathe or swim and you
should not go into the water.

Quartered black and white flag - shows that an area is zoned off for watersport activities, swimmers and bathers should avoid this area, it is not safe for them.

Quartered black and white flag – shows
that an area is zoned off for watersport activities, swimmers and bathers
should avoid this area, it is not safe for them.

Go together

Children should always go with an adult, not by themselves. Don’t swim alone.
Make sure that you know where everyone in your group is. Constant supervision is
the only real means of ensuring your child’s safety.

Holidays Argyll

50 ways to save on your holidays

SCHOOLS are clamping down on parents who take
their children on holiday during term time. At best, to get permission for even
one extra day off at either end of a holiday requires a degree of form filling
and letter writing that wouldn’t be out of place in a Soviet police station.
Even then, the final decision rests on the whim of the chairman of governors.

While the difference a day makes to a child’s education is unquantifiable, it
can add thousands of pounds to the price of a family holiday. But with this
option of saving money virtually outlawed, how do you stick within the rules
without breaking the bank?

Here are some examples from the article on how to save money on your holiday.
“Holiday Money” to read the holiday article in full.

4. Travel on the ferry at unsociable times

After years of outrageously high fares, the cross-Channel ferry operators have
woken up to the fact that people aren’t prepared to pay up to £600 to cross a
stretch of water so short you can see the other side from our shores –
especially as you can fly to Spain for a few quid. As a result, fares have
plunged and if you can travel at night, it’s even cheaper.

5. Stay at home

A change is good as a rest so why not move into the spare room or swap rooms
with your kids for a week or two. It’s free and can be great fun – especially if
you can agree to swap roles so the children do all the cooking.

6. Share the cost

A holiday home that sleeps 12 people isn’t usually six times more expensive than
one that sleeps two. So if you can bear to share with friends or family you
could save a packet.

Holidays Argyll

27. Find a low-cost insurance policy online

Your travel agent – online or High Street – will try to flog you insurance. Just
say no. Go online or talk to a broker and you’ll find single-trip European
policies for less than £10 per person. If you’re going away more than once in
the year, consider an annual policy. Just make sure you understand what you need
and read the small print. Tip: single-trip policies cover you for cancellation
as soon as you take out the policy even if your travel dates are months ahead.
This is not the case for annual policies, which start from the day you take out
the policy, not the date of your first trip.

28. Shop around for your European breakdown cover

We’ve all heard of the AA and RAC but it’s only insurance and any number of
companies offer the same type of policies for significantly less money.

29. The packed lunch trick

If you’re flying no-frills, you can pay several pounds for an in-flight sandwich
and drink or you can take your own. With some of these low-cost deals, the cost
of your food can be more expensive than the cost of your flights. There’s a
principle at stake here more than just a free lunch.

30. Take the coach

According to a This is Money survey, petrol will have to reach £10 a litre
before we start leaving our cars at home in any great numbers. Until then public
transport is always going to find it hard to compete. But coaches are pretty
luxurious these days and at the time of writing, is offering
intercity fares throughout the UK from 50p, with £1 fares available during the
Christmas holidays.

Holidays Argyll

Achnadrish Lodge-Argyll and Bute

Aird-Argyll and Bute

Aros Mains-Argyll and Bute

Baile Mor-Argyll and Bute

Barrnacarry Bay-Argyll and Bute

Black Crofts-Argyll and Bute (near Oban)

Blairs Ferry-Argyll and Bute

Bridge of Orchy-Argyll and Bute

Carrick Castle-Argyll and Bute (near Helensburgh)

Castle Lachlan-Argyll and Bute

Clachan Mor-Argyll and Bute

Clachan Seil-Argyll and Bute

Craobh Haven-Argyll and Bute

Easdale Island-Argyll and Bute

Feolin Ferry-Argyll and Bute

Friesland Bay-Argyll and Bute

Glen Caladh-Argyll and Bute

Glen Massan-Argyll and Bute (near Helensburgh)

Hunters Quay-Argyll and Bute (near Greenock)

Inverinan Beag-Argyll and Bute (near Inveraray)

Isle of Colonsay-Argyll and Bute

Isle of Mull-Argyll and Bute

Kilmichael Glassary-Argyll and Bute (near Lochgilphead)

Kilmichael of Inverlussa-Argyll and Bute

Leck Gruinart-Argyll and Bute

Lower Killeyan-Argyll and Bute

Middle Kames-Argyll and Bute

Mount Stuart-Argyll and Bute (near Greenock)

North Connel-Argyll and Bute (near Oban)

North Shian-Argyll and Bute

Otter Ferry-Argyll and Bute

Parrett Works-Argyll and Bute

Port Ann-Argyll and Bute

Port Appin-Argyll and Bute

Port Askaig-Argyll and Bute

Port Bannatyne-Argyll and Bute (near Greenock)

Port Charlotte-Argyll and Bute

Port Driseach-Argyll and Bute

Port Ellen-Argyll and Bute

Port Ramsay-Argyll and Bute

Port Wemyss-Argyll and Bute

Portsonachan-Argyll and Bute (near Inveraray)

Shuna Island-Argyll and Bute

South Cuan-Argyll and Bute

South Shian-Argyll and Bute

St Catherines-Argyll and Bute (near Helensburgh)

St Colmac-Argyll and Bute (near Greenock)

The Oa-Argyll and Bute

Ulva Ferry-Argyll and Bute

West Hynish-Argyll and Bute

West Tarbert-Argyll and Bute

West Tarbert-Argyll and Bute

West Trevarth-Argyll and Bute

Holidays Argyll