Holidays Bulgaria



Holidays Bulgaria

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Holidays in Bulgaria

Holidays festivals and entertainment

With the collapse of Communism several ideological holidays have disappeared from the Bulgarian calendar to be replaced by traditional Orthodox festivals such as Easter and Christmas. In addition there’s an increasing observance of local festivals and saints’ days marked by the holding of special services feasting or simply by lighting candles next to an icon of the appropriate saint. Though traditional folk customs are still observed by many people when it comes to entertainment tastes are much the same as in the West



Bulgarian Weather

Bulgaria’s climate is a distinct case of Mediterranean-meets-eastern-Europe. Bulgaria’s summers have a few more wet days than the start of the year and are pleasantly hot and sunny mostly sitting in the low 30°Cs (high 80°Fs) and slightly fresher at higher altitudes. Winters in Bulgaria are your typical European affair little sunshine and days averaging between -4°C and 6°C (25-42°F). The Black Sea moderates temperatures in the east of the country. Rainfall is highest in the mountains and in winter life throughout Bulgaria is sometimes disrupted by heavy snowfalls.

Map of Bulgaria             Map of Bulgaria

  • Botev Vrah Top/Sommet
  • Burgas
  • Kurdjali
  • Lovetch
  • Mussala Top/Sommet
  • Pernik
  • Pleven
  • Plovdiv
  • Razgrad
  • Rousse
  • Sandanski
  • Sofia
  • Stara Zagora
  • Varna
  • Vidin
  • Vraca

Why Buy Property In Bulgaria?

Property in Bulgaria

Because no other European country offers better value for your money.

Located in South Eastern Europe Bulgaria is bordered by Greece and Turkey to the South Romania to the North and Macedonia and Serbia to the West. Its Eastern Border is formed by the beautiful Black Sea Coast. A country of outstanding natural beauty the environment remains unspoilt and is incredibly varied. A relatively small country a few hours drive will take you from the snow covered central Pirin mountain Ranges to the long sandy beaches of the Black Sea coast.

Bulgaria is said to have one of the lowest costs of living in Europe. A wonderful Bulgarian meal for 2 including wine will rarely exceed around £7.00 $15.



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Holidays Bulgaria

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