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Family Holiday Parks in France, Spain and Italy

Keycamp luxury mobile home


Holidays in the UK/ Learn to Swim on Holiday

How do you feel
about using holiday time to learn to swim with a UK
holiday learning to
.  We can accommodate you at the pool or arrange accommodation in
local B&B / guest house or in a hotel (with bed and breakfast).  If we know
how far you need to travel we can make suggestions for flights or train services
for those that prefer not to drive.  Car rental can also be arranged.

Familly Holidays

All Kids Go Free




DGC Travel is currently unable to offer any holidays in this area but please see our UK Holiday Index.

Swimming Pools and Beaches

  • Never leave children unsupervised.
  • Never go swimming alone.
  • Do not swim for 1 hour after a meal. Amongst other things do remember to
    familiarise yourself with and check the following: Depth markings in the
    swimming pool in relation to height of yourself and children and also for
    jumping and diving.
  • Read any notices relating to the swimming pool and surrounding area and
    never swim when the pool is closed.
  • Always check that there is water in the pool and take care when walking
    (never run) round the edge as it may be slippery. Tides and currents. Non
    swimming areas. Depth of water. Submerged objects

Holidays Dunbartonshire

50 ways to save on your holidays

SCHOOLS are clamping down on parents who take
their children on holiday during term time. At best, to get permission for even
one extra day off at either end of a holiday requires a degree of form filling
and letter writing that wouldn’t be out of place in a Soviet police station.
Even then, the final decision rests on the whim of the chairman of governors.

While the difference a day makes to a child’s education is unquantifiable, it
can add thousands of pounds to the price of a family holiday. But with this
option of saving money virtually outlawed, how do you stick within the rules
without breaking the bank?

Here are some examples from the article on how to save money on your holiday.
“Holiday Money” to read the holiday article in full.

1. Book early

It may seem obvious but the holiday industry is like any other business affected
by the basic economics of supply and demand. The best time to book, according to
travel agent Trailfinders, is 11 months before you’re due to travel. The flights
have just been released and there’s plenty of cheaper seats available.

2. Book late

The rules of supply and demand also apply in last few days before the departure
date. If there are unsold seats and hotel rooms, you can bag a bargain with a
few clicks of the mouse, or a phone call or two.

3. Buy a package

The internet has been a godsend for people who wish to bypass the travel agent
and arrange their own trips. But here’s a little-known tip: if you are booking a
flight and a car, or flight and accommodation, by packaging the two deals
together, an agent can often offer a much better deal than if you were to book
separately, even online. Call it creative accounting if you will, but it can
save hundreds of pounds on a long-haul trip.

Holidays Dunbartonshire

22. Visit cheap countries

Sounds obvious but take Greece – once a cheap option for a family holiday.
Rampant inflation on the back of its entry to the euro and its new-found
upmarket view of itself as Olympic host and European football champions, it has
become relatively expensive. Italy on the other hand is still delightfully

23. Don’t use the Gatwick Express

If you’re travelling from central London to Gatwick airport or vice versa you
have a choice or rail operators. The non-stop Gatwick Express, which charges
around £24 one way for an adult, and the two-stop Southern service, which takes
FIVE minutes longer but costs a mere £9. Note: For the Heathrow and Stansted
Express services it’s less clear cut as the alternatives, though cheaper, can be
overcrowded and therefore less reliable.

Holidays Dunbartonshire

Clachan of Campsie-East
Dunbartonshire (near Kirkintilloch)

Erskine Hospital-West Dunbartonshire
(near Clydebank)

Milton of Campsie-East Dunbartonshire
(near Kirkintilloch)

Old Kilpatrick-West Dunbartonshire
(near Erskine)

Waterside-East Dunbartonshire (near


Holidays Dunbartonshire