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Family Holiday Parks in France, Spain and Italy

swimming holiday with dolphins

Dolphin Marine Experience for two £59


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Swimming Safety tips

Whether at home or abroad, follow these basic tips for keeping safe:

  • Never swim alone or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and never
    dive head-first into an unfamiliar body of water.
  • Check local information for details of tides, currents and pollution.
  • Bilharzia, a parasitic infection of the bowel or bladder, may be
    contracted by contact with infested fresh water in the tropics.
  • In certain areas, fatal primary amoebic meningoencephalitis has occurred
    following swimming in warm dirty water.
  • Salt water is generally safer than fresh water for swimming in developing
    countries. However, only pools that contain properly chlorinated water can be
    considered safe from infectious diseases.
  • When swimming in the sea, check out the possible existence of jellyfish,
    sea urchins, coral, sea snakes, sharks and venomous fish. Human sewage and
    animal faeces make some beaches no-go areas for swimming or even wading.

50 ways to save on your holidays

SCHOOLS are clamping down on parents who take
their children on holiday during term time. At best, to get permission for even
one extra day off at either end of a holiday requires a degree of form filling
and letter writing that wouldn’t be out of place in a Soviet police station.
Even then, the final decision rests on the whim of the chairman of governors.

While the difference a day makes to a child’s education is unquantifiable, it
can add thousands of pounds to the price of a family holiday. But with this
option of saving money virtually outlawed, how do you stick within the rules
without breaking the bank?

Here are some examples from the article on how to save money on your holiday.
Visit “Holiday Money” to read the holiday article in full.

13. Save up for the holiday you really want

You don’t have to slum it. If you plan ahead and save your money like people did
in the ‘olden’ days, you can have the holiday you want, where you want and when
you want – even in the school holidays.

14. Take your bike

If you can’t travel in the small hours, taking your family by car to the
Continent in the summer can cost a small fortune. So long as you tell the ferry
company in advance, most will allow you to take your bikes for free. This is
especially viable if you’re visiting Holland or the Belgian coast, which are
famously rather flat.

15. Go youth hostelling

Did you know that in spite of the name, youth hostels are not the preserve of
the young – and many have family rooms?

Visit Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and all of the other Walt Disney characters at
World Disney World in Florida – don’t book a hotel room, rent a luxury villa
within minutes of the theme parks. Florida villas for rent near Walt Disney
World with private swimming pool.

24. Book your cab in advance

Getting to and from the airport can end up being a significant
additional expenditure. In the UK minicabs are a sensible option but you
must book in advance. If you don’t, and you want a taxi, the only option
are the official on-site ranks, which can cost a fortune.

25. Book your airport parking in advance

Turn up on the day and you’ll very likely feel sick at the price you’ll have to
pay just to park your car for a week or two. So do your research, check your
insurance or AA membership for special tie-in offers, check hotels that offer
one-night, pre-flight stays that include long-term parking, look for off-site
parking offers, or, best of all, get someone to run you there and back.

26. Cut your speed on motorways

According to the AA, driving at 80mph on the motorways instead of 70mph costs an
extra 4p a mile – or an extra litre of petrol every 20 miles. This may not sound
much but it will add an extra £80 to a 2,000-mile tour of Europe. For
lawbreakers driving at 90 or 100mph the costs are significantly higher – and you
run the risk of heavy fines.

43. Don’t let Disney take the Mickey

The mousesavers website maybe for American people but it is definitely
worth a read if you want to do Disney for less.

44. Track down local restuarants

In Venice, in general, the closer a restaurant is to St Mark’s Square the more
touristy and expensive it is. Remember, wherever you go local people eat out
too. Avoid the tourist traps and you’ll be better fed and richer.

45. Check in to the library

For free guide books pop in to your local library. You can ask for an extended
borrowing period if you are worried about not getting the books back on time, or
renew them online.

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