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24. Book your cab in advance Getting to and from the airport can end up being a significant additional expenditure. In the UK minicabs are a sensible option but you must book in advance. If you don’t, and you want a taxi, the only option are the official on-site ranks, which can cost a fortune.

25. Book your airport parking in advance Turn up on the day and you’ll very likely feel sick at the price you’ll have to pay just to park your car for a week or two. So do your research, check your insurance or AA membership for special tie-in offers, check hotels that offer one-night, pre-flight stays that include long-term parking, look for off-site parking offers, or, best of all, get someone to run you there and back.

26. Cut your speed on motorways According to the AA, driving at 80mph on the motorways instead of 70mph costs an extra 4p a mile – or an extra litre of petrol every 20 miles. This may not sound much but it will add an extra £80 to a 2,000-mile tour of Europe. For lawbreakers driving at 90 or 100mph the costs are significantly higher – and you run the risk of heavy fines.

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37. Two for one London If you are travelling to London and the South East by train there are some genuine offers for reduced entry to attractions such as Madame Tussauds and the aquarium on the 2for1 website.

38. Do you really need a hire car? British public transport maybe unreliable, dirty, out-dated and expensive but it’s not the case everywhere. In Tenerife,  the buses are cheap, punctual, air-conditioned and clean – there’s no need to hire a car or queue for a taxi.

39. Check your passport at least a month before you go If you leave this to the last minute and you have lost your passport, you won’t be going away at all. If it has expired you will need to pay way over the odds for a rush application. Don’t get caught out.

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Travel Articles Spanish Hotel Siesta  Timeshare Scams

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