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News:  Archaeological municipal museums publish their brochures in Braille



The Archaeological Park-Natural La Campa Torres, Roman Baths Campo Valdés and the Roman Villa of Veranes already have their brochures in Braille.

Gijón archaeological museums have published brochures in Braille museum-Natural Archaeological Park of La Campa Torres, Roman Baths and the Campo Valdés Veranes Roman Villa. This action is part of a line of actions that are to be carried out in collaboration with the Provincial Delegation of ONCE in Asturias, in order to improve accessibility for people with low vision and blind.

The brochures have been transcribed by the department ONCE documentary adaptation in collaboration with the library Manuel Fernandez Miranda de Gijón Archaeological Museum.

Braille is a script coded in relief of the Latin alphabet, is divided into two rows of dots. Different combinations of these two rows represent each alphabet character.