Nur El-gurna Hotel Luxor

Nur El-gurna Hotel Luxor

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Nur El-gurna Hotel Luxor Hotel Reviews

Luxor Hotel Reviews

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Nur El-gurna Hotel Luxor

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“Disclaimer: if you only stay in high end hotels, this is not for you. There are lots of 5 star hotels in Luxor, you’ll have no problem finding one. However, if you are looking for a unique and truly Egyptian experience then I strongly recommend Nour El Gourna hotel on the west bank of Luxor (actually in the town of… more ”

“Quaint Hotel with great staff and a very pushy taxi driver. Great to share my room with Gecko’s In general very clean more ”

“We stayed here after two weeks in the Chaos of Cairo. It was a delight to be somewhere so quiet, peaceful, and authentic. The hotel is right in between desert and farm land. The resulting quiet was heavenly! We called ahead and the manager was kind enough to send a taxi to pick us up at the train station. The… more ”

“We stayed at Nour el-Gurna for one night while I was visiting Luxor. This place isn’t like anything else I’ve ever stayed at. Made from mudbrick, it’s a one of kind for the average tourist. The place itself couldn’t be in a better location for checking out the Valley of the Kings and Al-Deir Al-Bahari Temple – which are on… more ”

“Un mio amico me lo aveva indicato e devo ringraziarlo. Di fronte alla biglietteria per la valle dei re, sulla… more ”

“Ce petit hotel se trouve à deux pas de tous les monuments à visiter sur la rive ouest de Louxor… more ”

“Un hôtel simple, calme, hors du temps, près des vallées des Rois, des Reines et des Artisans. Loin des minarets,… more ”

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