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Our Recommendations:  La Casita Blanca, a quaint 2 bed rustic property in San Miguel and Villa Tinali, a beautiful 5 bed villa in Guargacho.  Tinali rentals also have apartments to rent.  More at Tenerife Holidays.  You will find Casita Blanca under rural properties, Villa Tinali under Villas.

Villa in Tenerife

Private Pool at Villa Tinali

Rural Canarian Holiday

La Casit Blanca Pool & Top Patio

Apartments in Tenerife for Rent

Tenerife Apartments for Rent

The island of Tenerife, famous for the sun and beaches, has an interesting history, which today still remains scattered around the island, to relive historical moments before and after the Spanish conquest.

North Tenerife Builders

There are some summers where you can bake all of July and August but in winter at times the Tenerife sun barely exceeds 21 or 22 degrees with overcast skies.  If you decide to come to Tenerife you would better in summer because there are almost never clouds or rain and temperatures often reach 30 degrees  and moderate daytime heat that sometimes becomes unbearable, which is south Tenerife although 75% of the population Tenerife live in the north which is much more cool and pleasanter for a summer holiday.

South Tenerife Holidays

El Medano, South Tenerife

Its volcanic character, an archipelago, the latitude at which they are based, close to Ecuador as well as the passage of the trade winds make them the Canary Islands and, consequently, Tenerife present unique conditions for the development of a few unrepeatable natural features and landscapes in the rest of the planet, which is an attractive first class for all visitors who choose them as a tourist destination and their habitants.  It’s isolation from the mainland territories has created, over thousands of years, many animals and plants and a climate that is characterized by its softness and absence of sudden changes in temperature and weather conditions, Tenerife trade winds blowing warm air in from the sahara, which has led endemic to the Canary became known as the islands of eternal spring or The Garden of Hespérides.

These unique features have made Tenerife, since the eighteenth century, a center of attention of nature lovers, geographers, geologists and scholars from around the world.  Today, the landscape and the natural environment of the Canary Islands continue to attract hundreds of thousands of nature lovers each year.