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Holidays in Cape Verde are here at last.  With bone-white beaches that you can grab all to yourself. And a unique blend of African Portuguese and Brazilian cultures. No wonder summer holidays to Cape Verde are the hottest buzzword in travel right now.

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Cape Verde was uninhabited when the Portuguese arrived in 1460 and made the islands part of the Portuguese empire. Due to its location off the coast of Africa Cape Verde became an important watering station then sugar cane plantation site and later a major hub of the trans-atlantic slave trade.  Nowadays the Cape Verde islands are opening up to tourists especially holiday makers searching for a rich blend of fresh holiday experiences. Even the Cape Verde people are unique being a cultural mix of their two nearest neighbours – Senegal and Brazil this combination is most obvious in the ever-present Cape Verde music; a scintillating hip-swinging fusion of Samba and Salsa sprinkled with tribal African.

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